Two young men, each from entirely different worlds, find themselves thrust into a winter camp situation that neither of them expected or particularly wanted. Marc, an 18-year-old counselor from "the burbs” is blindsided when what was supposed to be a fun winter camp experience turns into “don’t let this happen to you.”

First, the junior high campers include a number of inner city youth—something Marc feels wholly inadequate to deal with. Second, one of those kids, TJ, walks in with attitude to boot and a special knack for getting himself and others into trouble. Just a few hours into camp, havoc ensues as racial tensions mount and Marc finds himself keeping a close eye on the boys' barracks. To make matters worse, a blizzard is brewing. Moreover, Marc is struggling with a past secret that he's pushed deep down. Dealing with the camp, the girl Holly, and TJ and his friends gives Marc a deja vu experience he wasn't planning on. When blizzard conditions bring the camp activities to a screeching halt, Marc discovers that in the dark, your past can creep up on you.

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