About White Horse Productions

White Horse Productions (WHP), LLC was formed in 2005 to start the adventure of filmmaking and create stories that said something real about the human heart. WHP is a faith-based movie company with a desire to tell stories that portray honest relationships, a hope that can be found, and real answers to the cries of the heart. Our plans were simple: write a story that can be shot in Minnesota, with Minnesota talent and resources, and with a little help from national and international film contacts. The story, Lights Out, was birthed from a collection of ideas from teenagers brainstorming about their camp experiences and seemed to be just the right kind of story to launch the movie company.

With other films in development, White Horse Productions is led by Brian and Linda Holmes, and facilitated by talented individuals in the film industry. We, and many of those working with us, are members of ICVM (International Christian Visual Media). Some recent films that drew on the talent of ICVM members nationally and internationally include the feature films, Luther, Stroke of Genius (the story of Bobby Jones), End of the Spear (the story of Jim Elliot and Nate Saint), The List, Like Dandelion Dust; Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Courageous (Sherwood Pictures); and Jimmy (Level Path Productions)…just to name a few.

In addition, Minnesota as a state has a long-standing reputation for excellence in film and White Horse Productions is proud to be a part. White Horse Productions is already working on the sequel to Lights Out and a number of other significant stories/films for the near future.

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