Cast Bios

Jon Craig (“Marc”)

At the early age of three, Jon Craig was bitten by the acting bug. After performing his first solo he came home and proudly announced, "I get my own microphone." Jon has been on the stage ever since. At 14 years-old he caught the eye of Linda Holmes and was chosen to play a lead in a musical drama she directed and produced. In his later teens he began working on small film projects and set his heart toward movie acting. Lights Out is his first full length feature. He is a graduate of Northwestern College and currently is on staff at Outpost Ministries.

Anthony Brown (“TJ”)

Anthony auditioned as an extra for Lights Out as favor to a friend and landed himself one of the starring roles. A highly creative youth, Anthony took on the challenge with gusto and sincerity and continued to amaze the cast and crew with his ability to "be natural" behind the camera. Besides freezing on the Lights Out set, he firmly planted his identity as a serious actor. In addition to acting Anthony's creative interests never stop, including script writing, sketching, music, and photography. Anthony continues to pursue artistic outlets by working on independent film projects.

Jenni Kahmeyer (“Holly”)

Jenni's acting career started at the age of five, when she played the humble role of a "blue bug" in a local play, followed by many theatrical roles as she grew. Inspired by the stage, she went on to take acting and modeling classes. As a high school sophomore she joined Homeward Bound Theatre Company, a teens-to-teens outreach theater. Her role as "Holly" in Lights Out is her first film work. Jenni loves to snowboard, sing, draw, swing dance and eat her favorite ice cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Jenni has a theater degree from North Central University and continues to do acting work.

Nathaniel Norton (“Nathan”)

Nathaniel's been on the stage since he was in the first grade. He especially has enjoyed his work in musical theater. Besides acting, Nathaniel is a writer and working on a variety of script venues. His current scripts have been used on the stage to inspire troubled youth. Nathaniel's somewhat shy, comical, and enduring innocence make him instantly likable in his role as "Nathan" in Lights Out. He's not afraid to push his comedy to the edge of quirkiness. He wants everyone to know that the red rose on his hat is an original creation made from duck tape.

Sarah Adam (“Jenna”)

Playing the youngest child in Cheaper by the Dozen was five-year-old Sarah's debut on stage. As a first grader she began singing the national anthem for various sporting events, including the St. Paul Saints Baseball Team. She became involved in Homeward Bound Theatre Company as an outreach to teens. Lights Out is her first film. Some of her main goals are to expand her singing career, live in Italy, perform on Broadway, and go skydiving. In addition to singing, Sarah loves to swim, and go water and snow tubing. Was it mentioned she loves to sing?

Marcy Grams (“Nurse Nancy”)

Marcy is a professional actress with experience in film, national TV commercials, corporate videos, print and more. As owner of Blacksmith Productions, Inc., she in the development stage with her first screenplay, "Generational Curse," which is based on a true story. Marcy and her husband have four children and live in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Jake Sawyer (“Davy”)

Having Down Syndrome has not stopped Jake from grasping every acting opportunity that has come his way. He has had roles in church theatre group, high school plays and a Best Buy holiday commercial. He is a participant in Special Olympics basketball, softball and golf. He loves Gopher basketball, Shakespeare, and pizza.

Ted Johnson (“Grandpa Hessler”)

Ted retired from banking to enjoy a new career in acting. He has appeared in TV, independent, student and commercial film roles as well as on stage. He has made appearances on Discover Channel’s “The Prosecutors.” Ted is a private pilot and plays a baritone horn with a band when time allows. But what he appreciates most is the opportunity to work with his wife, Bonnie (Grandma in Lights Out) on the set.

Bonnie Johnson (“Grandma Hessler”)

Bonnie has had a principal role in over 40 feature films. She has worked with stars Roy Scheider in “The Punisher,” Tommy Lee Jones in “Rules of Engagement,” Robin Williams in “Patch Adams,” Julia Roberts in “Sleeping with the Enemy,” and Ewan McGregor in “Big Fish.” She has also been in TV movies with Gail O’Grady, Andy Griffith and the TV series “In the Heat of the Night” with Carroll O’Coonnor. She met the producer of Lights Out at ICVM International film conference and was cast in her role as Grandma Hessler shortly thereafter. Her real life husband Ted plays her husband in Lights Out.

Thom Rachford (“Steve”)

Thom has played over 100 characters on screen, stage, television and commercials. He is best known for his character “Jerry” from the film series, “A Thief in the Night.” In addition to his love of making characters come alive to the audience, Thom has taught school, worked in marketing and advertising, graphic design and film production. He is married and has a daughter and two grandchildren.

Jesse Gavic (“Mac”)

Jesse has always enjoyed making people laugh. He loves acting and singing through the years at his local church, school and dinner theater productions. At 11 years old at the time of filming, Jesse was the youngest actor on the set of Lights Out. Despite his young age, his energetic talent was a delight to all who worked with him. In addition to guitar and voice lessons, Jesse loves to play soccer. Other interests are spending time at his family’s summer cabin, knee boarding, fishing, snow skiing, and spending time with his golden retriever, Toria.

Aaron Monke (“Josh”)

Aaron's first experience with acting was through Homeward Bound Theatre Company, a local teen outreach theater group in Minnesota. He decided to audition for Lights Out with other members of the troupe and landing the role of "Josh" because of his rugged good looks and natural acting ability. Aaron had the gift of being able to flow with a scene adding personality content to the film. He loves to golf and fish, and dine on really good Chinese food. He wants to continue to develop his acting career, but also is working towards a degree in psychology with a goal for family child therapist license.

Niyi Olayinka (“Georgie”)

Niyi was born on the same day that Super Nintendo was introduced into stores in 1991, so it's no surprise that one of his favorite activities is gaming. He also has enjoyed his roles acting in local productions. His family is Nigerian and he appreciates his heritage and culture. Among his favorite pastimes is watching his high school football games, chilling with friends, and dining on spaghetti and KFC. He aspires to be a businessman or game designer someday.

Honey “MacRunnel” (“Honey)

Honey’s role on film was much more than just a “woof, woof.” She won over the hearts of all her other cast members as a year-old Golden Retriever mix. Honey has won first place in obedience at a local county fair and competed at the state fair level. She resides on The MacRunnel Family hobby farm along with her yellow lab buddy, Jim.

Mr. Anderson Teddy Bear (“Mr. Anderson”)

Experienced in cute and adorable, Mr. Anderson fulfills his role as leading Teddy Bear with a gusto and flourish rarely seen in stuffed animals. Director Linda Holmes remarked that, except for a few short instances, he was a very well behaved bear. While Mr. Anderson typically performs his own stunts, a double was used in one scene with Honey the dog for safety reasons.

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